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Salmon and Veg Stew

Salmon and Veg Stew

This salmon recipe is one of those food that you might eat on a cozy night in. It’s super nutritious, and quick and easy to put together. Most importantly, it also tastes delicious!

Because the recipe is so versatile, it is great for using up any expiring vegetables in the fridge. I make this all the time – and I’m certain you will too after trying it for the first time round. Lets get started!

kitchen ingredients

Spices & Herbs

Ingredients (serves 1):

1 piece of Salmon
10 Mini Carrots
10 Green Beans

Herbs and Spices:
Coconut Oil
2 -3 teaspoons of Bouillon Vegetable Stock Powder
Dash of Mixed Herbs
Dash of Cayenne Pepper
Dash of Garlic Granules
Deep Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

(You can change up the vegetable combinations – this recipe will taste great with carrots + asparagus, carrots + celery, tomato +spinach, and absolutely anything – get creative!)


  1. Place the mini carrots in a pot, and fill with filtered water until the carrots are just covered. Add the vegetable stock powder, mixed herbs (or basil), salt and pepper.
  2. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 30 to 45mins (depending on how you like the carrots). Add more boiled water to the stew if it runs dry.
  3. After 30 to 45 minutes, put the beans in the pot with the carrots and cook for approximately 10 minutes (in the mean time, start on the salmon).
  4. Place a large pan on medium high heat and add in a dollop of coconut oil. Once the oil has melted, place the salmon on the pan, skin down. Season with mixed herbs, garlic granules and salt and pepper.
  5. Fry the skin until golden brown and crunchy (around 2 to 3 minutes), then flip the salmon to skin side up. Season the skin with mixed herbs, garlic granules and salt and pepper.
  6. Cook  the salmon for another minute. Then pour the simmering vegetable stew in to the pan with the salmon. Take out the vegetables at this point and place them on the serving plate.
  7. Add the cayenne pepper, and let the salmon simmer in the sauce for another 3 minutes, then it take out and place on the plate with the vegetables.
  8. Reduce the sauce on high heat, and add more seasoning to taste. For a thicker consistency, add some cornflour (though I do like mine without).
  9. Pour the sauce on the salmon and vegetables, and serve!

What makes this a super food? Salmon is rich in Omegas, high in protein, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory food. According to Perricone’s Clear Skin Prescription diet, salmon is one of the best fishes to eat for flawless skin! Carrots are a great source of Vitamin A, and green beans contain a huge amount of anti-oxidants.

Although the 9-steps method might look daunting, it’s actually very quick to make once you get the hang of it. The sauce tastes a lot like soup, so if you love feel-good food as much as I do, I definitely recommend you to try it!

Bon Appetite!

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