On-Flight Essentials

On Flight Essentials

On Flight Essentialsall

Hi Lovelies! Greetings from Hong Kong! Yes – I’m back to homeland for 2 weeks!

If you have read the post for my Very Inspiring Blogger Award, you might know that I’m born and bred in Hong Kong. Having lived in England for the past 7 years, naturally, I’m a frequent flyer. There is nothing worse than the excruciating discomfort of a long-haul fight (12 hours from London to HK) #firstworldproblems. The air inside the cabin is so dry that I used to sprout new spots every time I fly.

Now that I know better, I never go on a flight without my arsenal of skincare minis.

With the strict under 50ml cabin policy for liquids, minis are given their moment to shine on the plane. And what better moment to test out the effectiveness of new products, if not under the harsh air conditioning of a 747?

These are some of my tips on what to bring on a long-haul flight:

I will cleanse my face right after takeoff, and then again just before landing. Always bring gel or emulsifying cleansers as you do not want to use a face cloth on the plane (hanging it dry will not be fun).

I took my Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup. This is an emulsifying oil, which is great as it has the cleansing benefits of an oil, but isn’t as fiddly. Next, I double cleanse with my One Love Easy Does It Cleanser to take off sweat and any makeup residual.

On-Flight Cleansers

On-Flight Cleansers

After cleansing, I put on my usual skincare. I’ll first prep my face with a hydrating toner: The Organic Pharmacy Herbal Toner, then put on One Love’s Eternal Spring Serum for the duration of the flight, and One Love’s Morning Glory just before landing. Next, I’ll seal in the moisture with my The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenation Face Cream.

On-Flight Skincare

On-Flight Skincare

During the flight, whenever my skin is dry, I’ll either spray my face with the Herbal Toner, and use One Love’s Skin Saviour. The key to having great post-flight skin is to never let your skin dry out!

Skincare Saviours

Skincare Saviours

I will also pack several sample packs with me in case I need an extra moisture boost, or if I am feeling something new.

Sample Packs

Sample Packs

I’m a light sleeper, so I’ve never been able to escape panda eyes after a long-haul flight. I will always take my RMS Un-Coverup with me, in case I want to look human when I leave the plane. If I plan on putting on liquid liner, I will also pack some Q-tips. Doing your makeup during a turbulence is not my idea of fun!

Un-Cover Up

Un-Cover Up

Other on-flight essentials include my EOS Lip Blam and Barefoot SOS Hand Cream. A hand sanitizer also comes in handy in case you want to apply skincare at your seat!

And remember to always keep yourself hydrated with bottled water.

Good luck and Bon Voyage!

You can buy skincare minis from Naturisimo and Being Content.

Hong Kong at Night

Hong Kong at Night

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14 thoughts on “On-Flight Essentials

  1. I’m going to Lisbon next on friday so this post was really helpful. Unfortunately I don’t own any of these products except for Morning Glory, but I’m sure I can use similar products 🙂


  2. Tried out my minis on my last flight…umm… did not work. My skin rebelled with a huge acne outbreak. Haha, great post, but I think I’m investing in mini containers for my next flight


  3. Love these kind of posts 🙂 Do you just put it on sitting in your seat or do you go to the bathroom? I never fly much, so just wondering what other people do lol! Been wanting to try One Love for ages, their range looks fab xx


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  5. Nice travel kit, Do you have any suggestions on anxiety? lol, I find the stress of a flight will show on my face and enjoy a nice spray of a tonic, but I still have great stress when traveling. Maybe a natural spay or something?


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