Dr Alkaitis Organic Replenishing Serum Review | A Natural Skin Balancer

Dr Alkaitis Organic Replenishing Serum

Dr Alkaitis Organic Replenishing Serum

Overall Performance: 9.5/10 (scored as a toner)

Price: £43.50

The Organic Replenishing Serum (or the Organic Herbal Toner in the US) is the first product I have tried from the Dr. Alkaitis range, and it certainly won’t be the last. Formulated as “raw health foods” for the skin, Dr. Alkaitis skincare products are 100% biologically active. This means that if you neglect your Dr. Alkaitis products for more than 12 months, it could potentially sprout legs and run away from home.

Just kidding. You are, however, advised to finish off a product within a year due to the living ingredients. I like to think of this as the raw food diet for your skin. Intrigued? Then read on!

Dr. Alkaitis’ motto is: “A healthy skin is beautiful skin”. Their products are formulated to bring the skin to a healthy balance that is unique to every individual. And secondly, to maintain said balance.

To accomplish this, Dr. Alkaitis developed a system that would preserve the integrity of every plant ingredients used. Hence, every ingredient and extract is made in-house, at room temperature, and allowed time to mature without chemical influences. Instead of water, Dr. Alkaitis uses certified organic Aloe Vera gel as a base ingredient. All equipments are sterilised with certified organic alcohol, and better yet, is their no animal testing policy.

I purchased Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Replenishing Serum on a whim without first consulting any reviews. But upon my first application, I knew I’ve found a winner. Whilst, most organic skincare tend to be slow absorbing (because their molecular make-up is a lot larger than processed skincare), the Organic Replenishing Serum is soaked up in to the skin almost instantaneously.

The serum is very watery like a toner (photo), but does so much more for your skin. I use it as the first step in my skincare routine, right after cleansing. I have done so, morning and night, for around three months.

Dr. Alkaitis Replenishing Serum Swatch

Dr. Alkaitis Replenishing Serum Swatch

The Pros:

The Organic Replenishing Serum is, hands down, one of the best skin balancer I’ve tried on the market.

I have dry skin that is prone to oiliness on the forehead during the day. Within a month of using this serum, I could feel my forehead getting less oily, and my dry cheeks still glowing past midday. Most notably, I think that this product has done wonders in helping my skin feel healthy and toned.

Furthermore, this serum is an absolute treat to put on. It smells subtly floral, and feels very refreshing on the skin – almost like feeding your skin with water after a night of thirst. Interestingly, it also leaves a chocolatey scent on your hands (though, I’m not sure how that came to be). For many nights, I was actually so confused as to think that I had accidentally left melted chocolate in my room. Since it is so lightweight, I can layer on my other thicker oil and cream as normal without feeling cakey.

The Organic Replenishing Serum is also astringent and anti-bacterial. Hence, it can be used to heal burns, and is especially great as an aftersun. It can also be used as a moisturiser for oily skin beauties, as its hydrating properties can help lock in moisture.

The Serum contains amazing ingredients such as aloe vera gel, witch hazel, herb blend including: lavender flower, chamomile flower, grapefruit, lemon extract, atlantic kelp and pearl moss. Included also are natural Vitamin C and B complexes. All in all, the Organic Replenishing Serum, is exactly as named, a wonder blend of organic punch that will work to replenish every skin type.

It also comes in a huge 120ml bottle, which will last at least half of its shelf life.

The Cons:

The only bad thing about this product is that it is not an instant fix.

Whilst products like One Love’s Morning Glory, might be able to give you an instant glowing complexion, the replenishing serum takes its sweet time to work. I would say that it takes at least a few weeks to see any real benefits to the skin.

Remember, this serum epitomises the saying: good things come to those who wait!

Would I repurchase this product? Definitely.

I am certain that I will try other products from Dr. Alkaitis’ range. Do you have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

If you are in the UK, Get The Replenishing Serum Here!

If you are in the US, Get The Organic Herbal Toner Here !


“Into a base of organic Aloe Vera gel*, Witch Hazel and organic grain alcohol* (from the fermentation of organically grown grains), the following organic and wild-crafted herbs are blended: Greater Nettle*, Wild Chamomile flowersº, Myrrhº, European Elder blossoms*, Marsh Mallow*, French Lavender flowers*, Curacao Orange*, Benzoinº, Rosemary*, Wild Fennelº and Balm Mint*. Grapefruit* and Lemon* extracts. Sea Oakº, Atlantic Kelpº and Pearl Mossº. Also added are natural vitamin B and vitamin C complexes and 100% pure Essential Oils*.”

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7 thoughts on “Dr Alkaitis Organic Replenishing Serum Review | A Natural Skin Balancer

    • Do you mean that it sometimes flakes off in white clumps, and/or start to mix in with other creams? I had this problem with 99% Aloe Vera gel. But not this toner! It’s a very fast absorbing liquid consistency (not gel), and I have not had any problems with it mixing in with other creams 🙂


  1. Dr. Alkaitis is one of the brands I want to try in 2014, and thanks to you and your awesome + thorough review, I know what to get! The serum is something I could really need, especially during the summer. I have oily skin and I don’t mind waiting a bit to see the results. My patience has grown since switching to green beauty products 🙂 xx


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