Foreo LUNA | Beauty Gadget Review

Foreo Luna

Foreo Luna Sensitive/Normal Skin

Overall Performance: 9/10

Price: £145

Ever since the appearance of Clarisonic, many different electronic facial brushes have been floating around the beauty market, hoping to be the next big thing. I was an avid user of the Clarisonic for many years, until my skin suddenly grew sensitive and developed an allergic reaction to it. So when I found Foreo’s LUNA cleansing brush, I knew I had struck gold.

I have use the LUNA for around half a year now and only at night. The LUNA comes in three different designs for normal/ combination skin, normal/sensitive skin and the ultra-sensitive skin. I have the one for normal/sensitive skin. It comes in a beautiful baby pink colour and a sleek design wrapped in silicone. The LUNA is completely waterproof, so it can be stored and used in the shower. However, I definitely advise on hiding it away when you have guests over. Let’s just say LUNA’s design doesn’t give the best clue as to what its purpose is, and things could take a worser turn if they decide to be adventurous and turn it on.

The secret behind LUNA’s disruptive technology is the T-sonic pulsations. Yes, that’s right. When you turn it on, the LUNA pulses to remove dead skin cells, while cleansing the pores of dirt and makeup. There are two steps to using the LUNA. You first cleanse the skin using the silicone bristles on the front, then you switch to the back side to massage the skin, which improves the absorption of your skincare products thereafter. 

Step 1: Cleansing

Foreo Luna Front

Foreo Luna Front

What first attracted me to the LUNA is that the silicone bristles are similar to the Asian pore brushes (not electronic) that have been in the market for years. The bristles are very soft, and they give a gentle, yet deep cleanse. I do find that I have fewer blackheads when using this cleansing brush. If used gently, it doesn’t feel like it is stripping the skin of moisture (unlike the Clarisonic).

Directions: During the cleanse, the LUNA pulsates three times to prompt you to move to different areas of the face. I do my left cheek and chin first – moving the LUNA in circular motions – then move to the right side on the first pulse, then the forehead, and lastly, I move on to my nose. The LUNA will pulsate a last time to inform you to press the power button and stop cleansing. Afterwards, the LUNA will glow blue to indicate that it is ready for the next step, which is the facial massage.

Step 2: Anti-ageing Massage

Foreo Luna Back

Foreo Luna Back

The anti-ageing massage is definitely the function that makes the LUNA more superior than other facial brushes. I use this step to massage avocado oil on to my face in the evening right after cleansing. I think this has definitely helped my skin to absorb the oil a lot faster. I no longer have a glossy sheen every time I apply an oil on my face. What’s more is that the avocado oil I used could penetrate much deeper into the skin, and I am able to see a big improvement in my skin texture compared to using the oil alone.

Also, the massage actually feels very nice! Almost like a mini-facial you can do at home.

Directions: Spread the avocado oil on damp face right after cleansing (using oil on damp face helps it to trap moisture underneath). Massage with LUNA in circular motions, away from the nose. Similar to cleansing, move to different areas of the face when the LUNA pulsates.

Click here to view a video on how to cleanse and massage with the LUNA.

The Pros:

Compared to other cleansing brushes like the Clarisonic, the LUNA is much more suitable for sensitive skin. Furthermore, it works out better value for money, as well as being more environmentally friendly, as it does not require a constant change of brush heads. The LUNA is made with silicone, and I just wash it with soapy water every time I finished using it. Because of this, the LUNA is actually much more hygienic than the Clarisonic. Brushes trap dirt – silicone doesn’t!

Furthermore, the LUNA’s battery is extremely long lasting. On their website it says that it is rechargeable for up to 450 treatments – they not kidding. I only charged my LUNA once for the duration of six months, and it’s only because I was going away on holiday – it wasn’t even out of battery yet. The LUNA charges to full battery in only two hours or less (why can’t this be the battery life for iphones?).

My LUNA also comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee, which is always a bonus.

I only gave this product a 9/10 as it is not earth-shatteringly life changing – it’s not a miracle product that will erase your acne forever. Nevertheless, it’s very, very, very good. If you use face oils, and you have the cash to spurge, then I will advise you to spurge. If not for the cleansing, the anti-ageing massage function is still well worth it.

The Cons:

There aren’t much bad things I could say about this product. But if you have very oily skin, you might find that the LUNA does not give a deep enough cleanse compared to the Clarisonic.

Also, even though the anti-ageing massage function is really good, you have to use it in conjunction with a good quality product. I did use it with a non-natural serum before, and I found that it actually clogged my pores.

Would I repurchase this product? Yes – but seeing how durable it is, I probably wouldn’t have to purchase a new one anytime soon!

Have you tried Foreo’s LUNA yet? Let me know in the comments below!

I will also be doing a review on the Clarisonic very soon, explaining why I didn’t like it, so stay tuned!

Get The LUNA Here!

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12 thoughts on “Foreo LUNA | Beauty Gadget Review

    • Yes it’s really good! 🙂 I bought this with a coupon code a while back – I’m not sure if it’s still valid now, but do check for them on google! The Luna is still pretty new now, so they should have loads.


    • Thank you for taking your time to read my review! 🙂 It’s definitely very pricey – it’s not an absolute necessity, so don’t feel the need to spurge! But if you are deciding to purchase the clarisonic (or if you have it but find it too harsh for your face) then definitely get the LUNA.


  1. I have umm’d and ahh’d about buying a Luna. I have a Clarisonic and also a Clarisonic Opal which as you may know is an ultrasonic massager for around the delicate eye area. I love them both though always hungry for a new gadget. Tricky call and when you read lovely positive reviews like yours it gets me umm’ing and ahh’ing again! 😉 Tracey


    • I have seen a video about the Opal and thought it looked amazing! Never tried it myself, though, I imagine it could be similar to the anti-ageing function of the Luna. In terms of the cleansing, I tried the Luna because the Clarisonic was too harsh for my skin, Luna’s cleanse is a lot more gentle. If your skin works well with a lot of exfoliation, the Clarisonic might actually be better! It’s always better to try it in the shop first before investing 🙂


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  3. I totally LOL-ed at your comment on hiding it away from guests! =P I’m on a budget, so I’m using the old-fashioned muslin cloth on my face (from PAI). I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried face cloths for cleansing? They seem to work really well for me =)


  4. I’ve read that oil ruins the silicon surface of the Luna but i really wanna use this with my oil cleanser. How was it for you when you used it with avocado oil? Did using oil on it ruin the silicon at all?


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