London Finds | Crystals and Living Stones

You are never alone with a stone

You are never alone with a stone

When I was strolling through the Covent Garden Jubilee Market last weekend, I found this adorable store selling stone decorations. Not just any stones – stones with eyes. How cute is that?

For those new to crystals, it is said that they have healing and calming properties – having a natural element at home can instantly make any room feel serene and tranquil. 

Okay, I confess, I brought them home because they were just too damn cute. Their little eyes were saying: “Buy me! Pick me!” and without much struggle, I caved. 

Stone with eyes

Look at their cute little faces!

I also got this tiny, little one that came with a dried flower and its own little flower pot. It is no bigger than my thumb!

Stone with eyes

Mr. Tiny!

I think these cute stone decorations would definitely make a great gift or souvenir. The tiny one with the flower pot is fully customisable and you can have your name written on it. It even comes with a cute little gift box! This particular store only opens on weekends and is manned by a very nice lady.

If you are ever around London, I definitely recommend checking out covent garden – most particularly, the jubilee market. The market itself is not very big, but they do have many interesting stalls that’s worth a browse. Don’t forget to haggle!

The cost of the two decorations together as a bundle was £30. Separately, the crystal costs £28 and the flower pot costs £6.50.

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